Looking Back// Rachel’s Testimony

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So this is what post milk and honey withdrawals feel like…. 😦 Looking back on this entire trip I feel nostalgic yet I’m filled with so much joy just by reflecting on God’s faithfulness. I remember before going on this trip I struggled so much with feeling inadequate, it almost pushed me to quit. However, I’m back from Milk + Honey and I can confidently say all my struggles with inadequacy, fear of man, and even loneliness were ALL worth it in comparison to knowing God THIS much more. 
I remember during morning prayer we would have corporate prayer and a prayer topic that ALWAYS came up was being completely submitted to the spirit. And honestly I had no idea what that meant. I always believed in having an agenda and going through with it. But this trip changed my perspective so much. I saw what it meant to be completely submitted to the holy spirit and have an open agenda before God. Whatever we felt God wanted, we did it. And through that obedience the Holy Spirit had his way in us! He used us to plant so many seeds in the people that we encountered. He also brought upon our team a HUGE spirit of unity. A supernatural unity that only comes from Jesus! Our team was constantly edifying and speak life over each other, and that totally rocked me! I never realized how powerful words were and how much it changed me when people would speak life over me. So as I came back down I made it a personal goal to edify and encourage because even though it seems small, it helps people have a tighter grasp on their identity as a son and a daughter of Jesus. Not only was unity shown in encouragements, but it was also shown through the way God used us.
In Fresno I was paired with Susanna and Ezra and right before we evangelized I got a picture of a cake and Susanna got a picture of a blonde lady. And so we went off just to find a blonde woman sitting in front of a bakery. SOO we decided to talk to her and turns out her story was a lot like Ezra’s! So Ezra got to encourage her and share his testimony and it was just so crazy how God used all three of us just to love on this one lady. That was the spirit of unity for sure! 
Before this trip, people would tell me to get ready cause God was going to do crazy things this trip. By that I thought they meant like crazy revivals and like hundreds of people getting saved, but no. It wasn’t like that at all. God rocked me through very intimate and personal ways and now I fully understand why God pushed me to go onto this trip so much. I am extremely grateful that he made me step out of my comfort zone cause now I think I can confidently sing to God “…so put me anywhere, just put your glory in me.. I’ll serve anywhere, just let me see your beauty”. 
“But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear. For truly, I say to you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.” Matthew 13:16-17

Day 6: Fresno

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One of my greatest struggles before this trip was obeying God completely, especially with the little things like reading the Word and praying continually. This lack of obedience really prevented me from developing my heart for spreading the love of God to others as a student at UC San Diego. However, this summer has been an awesome opportunity for me to see God’s faithfulness when I act in obedience to Him. I started with reading the Bible daily and pursuing God through prayer, and He answered by softening my heart for the people who haven’t experienced His love yet and providing me with the opportunity to go on Milk + Honey. As our team encounters various people in these Californian cities, God continues to show His faithfulness time and time again. Today, we went to an outdoor mall in the city of Fresno to minister to the people hanging around. It was much hotter in this city than it was in Santa Barbara or San Francisco, so I was feeling especially tired and unenthusiastic about evangelism. However, I kept thinking of the word “obedience” and went out with my EV partners, Harry and Josh. We saw a girl walking around with a neck brace, so we decided to catch up to her and pray for her. Her name was Silvia, and when we asked her how she received her injury, she told us that she had been in a car accident three days before; sandwiched between two cars, she experienced whiplash that injured her neck. Being a believer, she allowed us to pray for her, but her response to our prayers was what really brought joy to our group! After we prayed for her and her neck injury, she told us that one of the greatest discomforts she experienced was the headaches she got from the bright sun – but as she pointed out, as soon as we prayed for her, a bunch of clouds suddenly came and covered the entire mall from the sun’s rays. We received further confirmation of God’s faithfulness as we talked with more people after leaving Silvia. They all mentioned that we came to Fresno at a great time because the weather had been extremely hot and sunny every day except today, and our weather forecasts had all told us that the temperature would be in the 100s all week. God continues to remind me that He is good and He is real. I just need to be more obedient and trust in Him! #g2G


San Francisco Day 2 Recap

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I’d never been to San Francisco before. From the moment I set eyes on the city, I fell in love with the buildings, the people, and the hustle and bustle of life there. As we were driving, I started to pray for SF and my heart was filled with supernatural compassion for the people. I felt like God was pulling my heartstrings for the many broken, lonely people there. After worshipping with the team, we split off into our EV groups. My group (Eric, Sally, and I) got some food at a liquor store and sat down next to a homeless man. We found out his name was Wilbur “Radio” Minnegan. We laughed together and listened to his story about his family. He then explained that he believed in God but had many doubts. It was hard for him to believe Jesus really walked on water or turned water into wine. Sally explained to Radio the concept of faith and we invited him to renew his faith and put 100% trust in God. He accepted and his mood totally changed. Initially he was closed off and responded with short answers but gradually softened up, even opening up his blanket for us to sit with him. We prayed with him and blessed him before saying our goodbyes and encouraging him to pray and shatter all doubts. The mind-blowing thing is, our team got pictures of blue string, a hat, and a yellow emblem during the ride to Tenderloin…and Radio was wearing a baseball cap with a yellow “9” and had a blanket with blue stripes on it! I feel like meeting Radio was by divine appointment and that he really needed even someone to talk to. Then, we headed to Union Square and Sally and I had the opportunity to speak with Leo, an artsy Israeli man. Although he was an atheist, he listened as I shared the gospel with an open mind. He said that he enjoys reading the Bible even though he doesn’t believe in God. I encouraged him to explore the Word and ask God to reveal Himself to him through the Bible. I told him that God is relational and personal and that He will draw near to those who seek his face. Leo agreed to do that and thanked us for caring to talk to him. I believe we planted a seed in his heart and that God will grow it. Please keep him in your prayers

After all that happened today, I am reminded again what love looks like. Love is sitting on a homeless man’s blanket and simply listening to him. Love is giving and expecting nothing in return. All of these things capture the very nature of Jesus. Love is Jesus. I am both encouraged and challenged to desire and yearn this same spirit of love and compassion that Jesus carried as he walked this earth. Please continue to pray for our team that we would adopt the heart of God as we minister to people and share the love of Christ. We need your prayers!!! Thank you so much!  

-Joanne L

“I am Your Beloved”

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Going on the Milk & Honey team for the first time I felt so numb. I recently came back to God and I felt so distant and inadequate… I know that this trip is not about me but sharing His love and stuff but it was so hard when I wasn’t feeling him at all. I felt as if everything I was saying and doing were empty words and actions. Anyway, I kept asking myself, why He couldn’t hear me and why I was so far from Him. Later, Jason made us have a time of silence and just listen to what God had to say and right when he said that I got, “I’m here.” I was like “nah… This is just me thinking, not God…” Then this morning we arrived at UC Davis and I felt so apathetic but hurts from the past with in a few people in Milk and Honey came up and it starting really hurting my heart and distracting me and I wanted to give up then n there LOL Any who~ feeling down all day, around 7 PM the girls had praise time and it was literally 2 hours long… To be honest, I was getting tired and bored but I would randomly get in the mood and snap out again. Then the song “I am your beloved” came up and these lyrics came up

“’Cause I’m your beloved, your creation,

And you loved me as I am.

You’ve called me chosen, for your kingdom,

Unashamed to call me your own”

Oh man that ruined me, and God kept repeating, “I’m here” again like yesterday.

After, Joanne suggested we have a reconciliation time (which I was struggling with dis morning) and I GOT ALL MY EMOTIONS BACK!!! God really soften my heart and I AM PROBABLY GOING TO BE EMOTIONALLY unstable now!!!!! jk kind of, but thank ya Jesus because He gave me His heart and He’s breaking my heart for what breaks His~

 w/ love, Jana Chung 

Day 3: San Francisco

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As I am on the van to fisherman’s wharf, I’m just thinking about God and how it would look like if we allowed God to really work through us. In Proverbs 3:5 it says to not lean on our own understanding but trusting in God. I feel like as I am on this trip, God is going to begin to show me what it would look like to minister to people by being fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Even as I was talking to a person yesterday, I was trying to find the right words and the right things to say but after sitting down I realized that I didn’t even allow the Holy Spirit to work through me like a vessel.

We just got on the van from finishing evangelism at Fisherman’s Wharf! We had many encounters but I just want to talk about my encounter with Josiah and Kimberly. We first met a different man that actually lead us to talk to this family. We approached them and they were so broken and willing to receive whatever God had in store for them. They were believers but they were filled with addictions. Josiah is 15 addicted to smoking, Marijuana, and drinking. Kimberly’s husband is a alcoholic and her heart for the family was shown through her words and tears. Jana and Michelle began to minister to Kimberly and tears were shed. I believe that God has sent us to this exact place and moment to talk to Josiah and Kimberly. God really came and encountered!!

I feel like God is teaching me humility. As I was watching Michelle speaking life to Josiah and Kimberly, I realized that just because I’m “older” or “more mature” than her doesn’t mean I know more you know? I felt like I was so prideful and that only my words or the things I say will win them over. So I trusted God that the Holy Spirit was in Michelle and let her minister to them. It’s simply all about Jesus. It’s not about my words or about the way I present myself but truly all about Jesus and how He wants to minister to that person specifically. My pondering thoughts for the day: what would it look like if we were fully aligned to God’s heart? The way we minister and engage would be so different.

All glory to God! All is for Your glory! Hope this blesses you 🙂


Hi guys! I just wanted to encourage you guys with a little something that I was reminded of today. It’s too good…He’s too good!! God always goes above and beyond our expectations.

Today we went to a service at Glad Tidings. The pastor spoke on our ‘failures.’ As the pastor started speaking, immediately I knew this message was for me. The past month, I have been feeling defeated in certain aspects of my life such as family, school and my future. I’ve started to become disappointed in myself. I knew that I had to give up my shortcomings and failures to Him, but it was an ongoing struggle. Even during Milk and Honey I was constantly distracted and haunted by my ‘failures.’ I was so frustrated at myself that I couldn’t give my all to Him.

The pastor spoke about how the enemy sees victory and that’s why he brings the spirit of defeat upon us. I realized that too many of us (including myself) just stay stuck in our failures…eventually becoming a part of our identity. The pastor gave us an example of Samson in the book of Judges. Right after Samson’s fall, he had his greatest victory. We are the most vulnerable when we fall and satan knows that and that’s when he attacks. And only when we truly understand that God’s hand is over our failures is when we fully disarm satan.

Our first instinct is to beat ourselves up when we fail. But why do that when Jesus has already done it. Once we expose our failures to Him, our failures become a VICTORY. This is what ‘fail forward’ is. Our God is our perfect daddy, He knew you were going to fail over and over again even before you were born. But His plans are for us are ALWAYS good. Personally, it’s so hard for me to fully grasp that….BUT there is so much grace!! Even if we fail, His love NEVER changes for us. He sees us, He’s not distant when we make mistakes. He sees our shame but never rejects us. He is the only one that can restore us.

Therefore, my victory is based on His. My hope is based on His.

 In Him,

Joanne K

Day 2: San Francico

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Today we left Santa Barbara and took off to San Francisco! We first checked in to our hotels, then left to our first stop, the Tenderloin. Here, there were a lot, I mean A LOT of broken people. Susanna, Sam, and I (our evangelizing team) first met a woman and her name was.. let’s just say Kate. At first, she rejected us, but as we kept talking she started to open up to us. She told us about her incredible stomach pains due to a miscarriage and also because she was battling an STD.. So we prayed for her and she said that she was honestly feeling better! We prayed for another time and she said that she felt better again! Soo praise God for that! After we prayed for Kate, I started to share the gospel with her. Though she did not receive Christ at that moment we definitely know that God has planted a seed in her heart! So I ask that you would continuously pray for Kate’s health, and her salvation! Also, she is involved in a relationship that is breaking her apart, so please pray for healing in her life and restoration.

After we talked to Kate we met 3 homeless people on the street. The first man’s name was Spaceman. He was asking for some money, so our money hero, Sam, gave Spaceman some cash and we continuously just loved on Him. Then another homeless lady named Sharon came along the way and she said that she was hungry, sooo our money hero bought her some delicious hot pockets and a drink.  It was awesome because we actually had so much fun serving and loving her. As we were going to get Sharon some food, we decided to stroll her around because she was on a wheel chair. As we were doing this, people were looking at us like we were weird because no one loves on a homeless person like that, or has fun with them. But in the midst of all that, It was such a joy to love on Sharon. Oh! And she said that she knew the Lord and all that stuff so we just reminded her of God’s love for her and all that good snapples! The last homeless lady we met was Brenda. When we saw her, she was completely intoxicated and sleeping on the floor so limp and helpless. While Sharon was still with us, she woke her up and we again lavishly loved on Brenda.  Once again, our money hero came to the rescue and bought our thirsty Brenda an awesome drink and food! Thank God for Sam! At one point, Brenda began to cry, and was reminded of hope and love from God and her friend Sharon. So that was awesome! Though the three of them did not accept Christ, I firmly believe that God has planted a seed in their hearts and will continue to water it! So please PLEASE! Keep them in your beautiful and precious prayers.

There’s so much more that happened after as we went to Union Square while we gave free hugs and prayer. But instead of sharing that, I just want to share with you what is currently on my heart.  Honestly speaking, today was a rough day for me, especially spiritually. It was a constant battle for me in the mind over my identity and all that good stuff. But it just shows that I or we can’t do anything without Jesus. NOTHING without Him, and so I want to encourage you guys to fully let go and let God which is something that I need to do as well. Yeah! So let’s both completely surrender to God and even in the midst of sufferings and battles let us be reminded that it’s another step into knowing God more.. AWESOME! Wow.. I am getting set free right now… aha.. well I just want to say Please continue to pray for us because everyday is a HUGE battle and also please lift up these beautiful people that have been introduced to you guys! Thank you ^_^ Get wrecked by Holy Spirit today!!


Day 1: Santa Barbara

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

 So as usual, God did amazing things even on our first day! The first couple of people we encountered were extremely receiving which leads me to believe that our prayers for God to move before we get there was really heard and answered. Two high-schoolers named Diego and Jessica were smoking when we approached them, and we shared with them the love of Christ. They were really receiving and we encouraged them to seek God in their homes. Not only that, but I had a good long talk with one of our team members and we both received many revelations of God’s love and the spirit of sonship, while encouraging each other. God really pumped all of us today. #g2G #weouthere



I came to this trip feeling like a Debby Downer but as I started to pray for Santa Barbara, I got super excited. I got a picture of swimming pink sperm…(LOL) And beige pants. When I was grouped with Eric and Joanne, Eric shared with us that he saw a picture of a baby. We talked to a few people. One of the people was a homeless woman and she had a bad hip problem that prevented her from walking correctly. We prayed for her and she was healed! We started walking again then Eric stopped to talk to a guy and while he was talking to him, I got the word “family” so I asked him if he had any family problems. He said his wife cheated on him and he has a son, but he lives alone with an unstable job. Eric shared his testimony with him, but he was closed off. Our time was running out, so we started walking back until when Eric noticed a girl limping in front of us. We asked what was wrong with her ankles and she said she had arthritis. We prayed for her three times for her to get completely get healed. Then, she started bursting into tears and I asked if it was okay for us to ask what was happening. She replied saying that she had a rough day and just a rough life. We found out that she was eighteen years old with a ten month old baby girl. She told us that she found hope in our nice acts. We told her that it was all God and his love. Our brother, Eric, led her into a sinner’s prayer and today’s her first day of following The Lord. God is so good! (: After walking away, I noticed that she was wearing beige pants (I got a picture of beige pants) and she had a baby girl (I got a picture of pink sperms and Eric got a picture of a baby) Following The Lord is not a boring job, but a fun adventure (:



Today was the first day of Milk & Honey 2014 and I am super excited to see what God will do in the days to come. However, let me begin with the things that went on today.

As the team was waiting at church for the vans to arrive, we later found out there were issues with the vans and we lost a lot of money. When Jason announced what happened we were all flexible and eager to follow along with whatever Jason decided for the team. I am so thankful for everyone in this team this year because we are all eager to work together, but more importantly, love each other. I hope and pray that our unity will only grow as the days go by throughout this trip!

When we finally arrived at SB, we split up into groups and went out to evangelize after praying all together. We wanted to try treasure hunting together but after praying together I felt convicted to talk with the people who were seated next to us. I was with Josh and Lydia and I stayed behind to talk with the people and I planned to catch up with them later.

I went on to introduce myself to the two ladies, a mother and a daughter and I presented myself as a part of Milk & Honey and went on to share my testimony. It went well for the most part. I looked to the daughter and she looked very receptive; however, the mother seemed very firm in her own beliefs. After that I went on to try to find Josh and Lydia. While I was walking around I tried to talk to more people.

After a series of rejection, I eventually began to contemplate my motives and where my heart was. More than solely loving the individuals I had other agendas in mind even as I was trying to preach the gospel. Especially because I was here on this trip called Project Milk & Honey, my mind and heart was clouded with other thoughts such as: I need to let people know about Project: Milk and Honey, or I have to maximize my time and try to talk to as many people as I can, and etc.

I soon realized what an arrogant mindset I had went off the evangelize with. My main priority is to let people know about the name of Jesus and to love as many people as I can.

I was just reminded of how this trip is not a story about a group of people participating in Project: Milk and Honey, but it is all about Jesus. This is God’s story of how His people move out in obedience to everything He has called us for.

I am so humbled and I am more excited than ever to see how God will move as we set it on our hearts to really share the love of Christ throughout California!



As soon as our team arrived at Santa Barbara I was sooo nervous. I couldn’t believe that we finally arrived and started our trip. When Jason split us up into teams I instantly felt the fear of man. I was so afraid of how the people we encounter would see me and even how my teammates would see me. BUT before me Cathy and TJ left to evangelize, Cathy had me pray before we started and God empowered me right then and there. Yes, I was still nervous but more than that God made me so excited and PUMPED! 

Our very first encounter was with a woman from London. She was a tourist and Christian. So we decided to just bless her and pray for her and then we left. As we were walking down the street TJ told me to go and say hi to someone… so I saw a lady sitting by herself and decided to be brave and say hello. I ran up to the lady and introduced myself and she just stared at me… ha turns out she didn’t speak english. USUALLY I’d be discouraged and embarrassed but honestly, it was a good first experience! Jesus encouraged me 🙂 Our next encounter was with a student from UCSB studying art. At first he was really open to talking with us but as soon as Jesus came up he shut us down. BUT THATS OKAY! We still loved upon him as best as we could. Our very last encounter was with a girl named Sam. She was really REALLY pretty and very open. She was a “hippie” and she was really open minded! She believed that everyone had a right to believe whatever they wanted to believe so sharing the gospel was a lot easier with her. We asked her about her life and wow she had a CRAZY story that will hopefully one day turn into a testimony. She was full of life and care and beautiful and kind and I believe God planted seeds within her heart today. When we prayed for her she told us no one ever prayed for her like that before. And she seemed really genuine about it so I definitely believe that the holy spirit sparked something within her. Although she didn’t accept Christ, just being able to love on her and hear her talk about anything and everything was definitely a blessing. 

It’s only the first day of Milk + Honey and the holy spirit moved like crazyyy! I’m so excited to see what more God has in store for this team and for the people we encounter! WOOOHOOOO :o)